Decision of the Plenum of the Competition Council no. ASS-66 of 25.11.2021

The Competition Council examined the notification submitted  by  municipality Mașcăuți village, Criuleni district, regarding the support measure granted to Î.M. "Gospodăria Comunală Mașcăuți" by transferring in management of some movable and immovable goods, in order to ensure the provision of water and sanitation service.

State aid granted to Î.M. "Mașcăuți Communal Household", is necessary in order to operate in normal conditions of continuity of the public water supply and sanitation service and will not unduly distort the competition.

It was found that the notified support measure constitutes state aid within the meaning of art. 3 of Law no. 139 of 15.06.2012 on state aid and is compatible with the normal competitive environment





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