The Plenum of the Competition Council Decision no. CN -56 as of 02.11.2017

In fact, on November 16, 2016,  by  the  Competition  Council  Plenum,  there was disposed, based on the Decision no. 20, the initiation of an investigation, regarding the alleged anti-competitive behavior by the company „BUELO" SRL to the detriment of the company „SEVEX-PRIM" SRL.

During the investigation, the Competition Council,  has found sufficient evidence of violation of the article 19, para. (1) letter a) and b) of the Competition Law no. 183 from 11.07.2012 by „BUELO" SRL. These violations were manifested through copy pack of the product packaging, belonging to „SEVEX-PRIM" SRL, likely to cause confusion. Therefore, the Competition Council, has set a fine  of  77 197, 29 MDL . 



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