REPORT on state aids granted in the Republic of Moldova in 2015 (Summary)

Competition Council has drawn the third report of state aid granted in Moldova, from the date of effectiveness of the Law no. 139 of 15.06.2012 regarding to the State aid.

It is noted that, Law no. 139 of 15.06.2012 regarding to the State aid became effective on 16.08.2013. According to article 21 paragraph (3) of the Law regarding to the State aid, the Competition Council shall prepare an annual report on State aid. This report has been prepared in accordance with information presented by the suppliers of state aid.

This report includes an analysis of the value, structure and trends recorded during the period 2013-2015 by state aid and de minimis aid granted, a presentation of State aid granted in the context of economic and financial crisis, monitoring of state aids authorized and reflects the implementation of automated information system "the State Aid Register".

This report is a statistical tool for ensuring the transparency in state aid, thus providing relevant information to central and local public authorities to develop policy in different areas of national economy and making decisions about effective targeting of available public resources. It can be a knowledge base for various scientific researches.



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