The first fine in the case regarding the increase of price of the newsprint

The Competition Council has initiated an investigation regarding a possible cartel agreement between the newsprint providers, on the basis of the Competition Council s Plenum Order from 20.06.2018. "Cartnord" S.R.L. company will pay to the state budget over 800 thousand lei for the refusal to comply with the inspection carried out by the employees of the Competition Council, which constitutes a violation of the competition law provisions.

Thus, "Cartnord" S.R.L. company limited the access to e-information stored on IT platforms by obstructing access from the distance of computed connections and even  removing files with information that were to be examined within the inspection procedure.

Due to the above mentioned impediments, the purpose of the inspection could not be achieved and made it impossible to obtain any necessary and relevant information for investigating the case with regard to the alleged breach of competition law.

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