Study visit to the Competition Authorities of Spain and Austria

In the period 13-19 November 2016, 7 employees of the Competition Council benefited from a study visit to the Spanish and Austrian Competition Authorities, organized in the framework of the Project "Support to the Competition Council".

The main topics of the study visit focused on the control of economic concentrations and abuse of dominant position. The participants also had the possibility to familiarize with the practices of the above-mentioned authorities, such as the dawn raids, sanctions for the infringement of the competition legislation, market studies, promotion of the competition culture, etc. The employees of the Competition Council have been involved in a simulation game on the abuse of dominant position in the Spanish Competition Authority, and in Austria the participants in the study visit have been involved in detailed case studies on the subject of economic concentrations.

The visit served as a platform of initiating and deepening the cooperation among the Competition Council and correspondent authorities from Spain and Austria.

The European Union Project "Support to the Competition Council" is a two-year project that aims at supporting the Republic of Moldova in achieving objectives set in the chapter of competition law and policy under the DCFTA (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area).

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