Educating students in Competition Policy and Law

On October 06-26, 2016 students from the Academy of Economics of Moldova were trained in subjects related to competition policy and law. The lectures were organized as part of the educational activities in the framework of the European Union Project "Support to the Competition Council".

The goal of the study course was to enhance the knowledge and understanding of specific aspects of the competition policy and law among the Economics students, in order to contribute to the improvement of the competition culture in Moldova.

The Team Leader of the EU Project "Support to the Competition Council", Heinrich HÖLZLER facilitated the lectures, focusing on such topics as competition policy and law, effective competition, assessment of market power, restraints of competition, dominant position on the market and abuse of dominant position, control of mergers and acquisitions etc.

This is the second educational initiative carried out by the EU Project, after a similar successful course on Competition Policy and Law for students of the Moldova State University held in April 2016.

 The European Union Project "Support to the Competition Council" is a two-year project that aims at supporting the Republic of Moldova in achieving objectives set in the chapter of competition law and policy under the DCFTA (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area).



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