Ukraine takes the experience of the Republic of Moldova

   In order to continue the cooperation the competition authorities from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, in order to improve the capacity of enforcement of legislation specific for the competition and State aid, the Competition Council delegation went during 22 to 24 October 2014, in an official visit to Kiev, Ukraine, where took place number of meetings and were established ways of cooperation with representatives of authorities and institutions, who are working in areas of common interest from the neighboring country.

    The Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova has made this visit as a promoter of application of  a totally new and unique system - SARM. Created for notification, monitoring and reporting of State aid measures on-line, this system contributes to efficient use of budget resources.

    Thus, at the invitation of colleagues of Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine, the members of  delegation Viorica CARARE, the President of  the Competition Council and  Ion MAXIM, member of the Plenum of the Competition Council, shared their experience of the Republic of Moldova in the field of enforcement of legislation  on state aid, participating as speakers, in a training program conducted with the support of the EU, which was attended by over 50 civil servants from a wide range of relevant public organizations from Ukraine.

     In this context we mention that wish of the Ukrainian colleagues to take over the experience of the authority from Moldova shows our appreciation as experts in the field in the region.

     Also, on October 23 , 2014, the Competition Council delegation from Moldova, made a visit to the National University of Trade and  Economics in Kiev, where they met with the leadership of the university, faculty of economic theory and competition policies, and students of the faculty .

    The discussion agenda included a wide range of issues concerning the organization of educational process at the specialty of Administration in the field of economic competition, the structure of curricula, the list of disciplines, organization and the realization of student's training in Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine, organization of scientific work of the students of the concerned University. There was an exchange of views on national characteristics and ways of the developments of competition legislation in Ukraine and in the Republic of Moldova.

     In turn, students of the concerned faculty have participated actively in the discussions, approaching issues and problems concerning the increased role of knowledge and skills in the competition field in the context of the European future of the two countries.

     As the result of this visit, they agreed on a further cooperation in this regard. Thus in future is possible to implement some projects that will allow the participation of experts of both countries in the framework of trainings, internships and seminars in order to achieve experience exchange and effective application of gained knowledge.

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October 28, 2014

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