28 central public authorities were trained in using SIRASM

     On Friday, December 19, 2014 representatives of the central public authorities participated at the training session on applying the Informational System State Aid Register of Moldova (SIRASM), organized by the Competition Council and LLC Trimaran, the undertaking which creates the system.

     At the session 36 users, representatives of 28 state aid suppliers, including: the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, the Customs Service, the Ministry of Informational Technology and Communication, the National Bank of Moldova and the Public Property Agency were trained in using SIRASM, receiving passwords to enter the system.

     In this context Mr. Sergiu GAFTON, the LLC Trimaran representative, made a detailed presentation of the system, talking about the major options and possibilities of it, pointing out the examination cycle of notifying and reporting State aid sent by suppliers. However, the trainees were able to come up with questions relating to SIRASM’s functioning and receive the necessary support to its use.

     Training session is an implementation phase of SIRASM and is part of the development and implementation project of the system created directly with the supported of the World Bank.

     This project aims to facilitate the process of notification and reporting of state aid that will contribute to the efficient use of budget resources by establishing an on-line system of notification, monitoring and reporting of State aid measures, which will allow each State aid provider to fill in the forms electronically, without traveling to the Council, thus saving time and material resources.         

     Also SIRASM will help ensure transparency, access to relevant information in the field of state aid and effective collaboration between providers of aid and the Competition Council and will result in the minimization of the negative impact of state aid on competition and international trade, and adapting the Moldovan legislation to EU legislation in this area.



Competition Council

December 23, 2014

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