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Competition Council at the second edition of the International Competition Conference Upgrade

15.05.2024   518 Views    

On May 14 - 15, 2024, in Chisinau, the team of the Competition Council led by Cornelia GORINCIOI, Member of the Competition Council Plenum, participated in the Second edition of the International Conference Competition Upgrade II entitled „Practical issues regarding the application of the Competition Law in the Republic of Moldova and the EU".

The event brought to the fore discussions on anticompetitive practices, investigation procedures, theoretical elements and practical aspects in the field of economic concentrations, definition of the relevant market and etc. providing participants with a comprehensive approach on the enforcement of the provisions of the competition legal framework in the Republic of Moldova and the EU.

The conference was organized by the European Business Association in Moldova (EBA), with the participation of representatives of the Competition Council of Romania and the Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova, in order to share the experience in the field of competition in the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

Mr. Dmitrii PĂDURE, Head of the Anti-Cartel Directorate, Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova, presented the national regulations on anti-competitive agreements providing participants with a clear perspective on the legal aspects and directives governing competitive behaviour, contributing to the consolidation of knowledge in this field for the business environment.

The representatives of the Romanian Competition Council made a significant contribution to the conference by sharing their extensive experience and expertise in the field of competition.

Ms. Daniela BĂDILĂ, General Manager, Mr. Adrian COMÎNESCU, Director of the Services and Local Market, together with Ms. Cătălina DEICĂ, Competition Inspector, External Relations and Communication Directorate, and Radu PĂUN, Energy and Industry Director, in their presentations they addressed topics of major importance, such as EU practices regarding the enforcement of competition legal framework, new regulations, as well as practical aspects and experiences.

The experts stressed the importance of identifying and combating anti-competitive practices, contributing to the development of a stronger and fairer competition legal framework.

The participants to the conference had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss domain-specific issues during the Q&A sessions. This interaction offered the opportunity to clarify complex issues and share different perspectives, in order to consolidate the new information obtained during the event.

We are confident that the topics of common interest will provide a solid basis for the diversification and continuous development of national European affairs, as well as for the strengthening of bilateral relations of collaboration, in accordance with European standards and values.


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