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27.04.2022   6951 Views    

The Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova in collaboration with PRIAevents organized on April 27, 2022, the PRIA Competition Moldova conference - an event that brought together all sectors of the economy in the Republic of Moldova directly interested in the fields of IT, industry, health and pharmaceuticals, financial - banking, insurance, retail, energy, telecom, automotive, environment, legal, agriculture, construction and real estate, services and not only.

Competition is a vital mechanism of the economy, the Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova has a very important role in ensuring a healthy competitive environment. This encourages efficiency and innovation and reduces prices. Undertakings are also encouraged to offer goods and services to consumers on the most favorable terms. That is why competition policies must be known and understood by all those who are involved in the economy.

Undertakings need to know both the ways in which they can be protected by the law if they become victims of anti-competitive practices, but also what are the penalties they can receive if they decide to violate the rules. It is very important for the business environment, but also for civil society, to be aware of these regulations.

The event was attended by the most important lecturers in the field who shared their experience on topics such as: Competitive situation in the Republic of Moldova in the conditions of current challenges, Competition as a vital mechanism for the proper functioning of the economy of the Republic of Moldova, Leniency policy, Scope and conditions of application, Commitments - exceptional procedure on the rapid restoration of the environment competition, What have been the most dynamic sectors in terms of competition in the past year? Where have the most sanctions been applied? Which sector has had the most investigations? What will 2022 look like?

The exchange of opinions and experience with participants concerned with the same topics, examples, case studies and novelties were true sources of learning and development for the stakeholders interested in this event.



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