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Competition Day among children

28.06.2018   826 Views    

Beautiful traditions must be preserved, therefore, with the occasion of the Competition Day, we went with gifts for the children from the Community House Ialoveni. This was possible thanks to a charitable action through which the employees of the Competition Council donated financial resources and other goods, to some sad children who are deprived of parenting care.

The gifts were given to children by the President of the Competition Council, Mrs. Viorica CĂRARE, who, together with the Community House Manager, Mrs. Vera COŢAGA, the teaching staff of the institution, the head of the Social Assistance and Family Protection Department of the Ialoveni District Council, Mrs. Margarita TONU and several employees of the Competition Council shared the emotions and joy of these children.

It was a special day for us, full of positive emotions and that the little ones shared with us, and we all hope for a joyful holiday start with positive emotions.

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