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Open dialogue for a good collaboration

21.12.2017   2363 Views     Keywords ↓

Today, December 21st, 2017, Viorica CĂRARE, President of the Competition Council, met with business representatives at an event called "Business Breakfast" organized by the Foreign Investors Association (FIA). The event covered issues related to competition law, the formation of a loyal competition environment, actions to prevent anticompetitive practices, etc. In particular, were discussed the issues identified and the recommendations published in the competition chapter of the 5th edition of the recently published "White Book 2017".

At the same time, Mrs. CĂRARE noted the importance of the fact that the business community is aware that the formation and maintenance of a loyal competition environment is an important mission, which can only be ensured through joint efforts by business community and state authorities, which will ensure balance and equity in the relations between economic agents.

It is appreciated that there is a benevolent atmosphere, openness from foreign investors and an effective dialogue, the participants actively intervening with interesting questions and productive proposals.

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