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The representatives of several public authorities trained in the sphere of the new tendencies regarding state aid

29.10.2014   1338 Views    

     Over 30 representatives of the public authorities of the Republic of Moldova participated in the seminar organised in order to deepen their knoweldges in the state aid sphere.

     Law on state aid that entered into force on August 16, 2013 represents a new framework in legislation of the Republic of Moldova and requires special attention. In this context, representatives of several authorities and institutions such as : Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development,  Agency of the Intervention and Payments in Agriculture, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, State Agency for Intellectual Property ,  State Agency for Public Property, Energy Efficiency Fund, Customs Service, State Tax Service and others were present from 28 -29 October 2014 at a training seminar in the field, organized by the Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova, with the participation of experts of the Competition Council of Romania.

     This training is part of the Project of  technical assistance, organized with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP, which represents a continuation of cooperation of competition authorities from Republic of Moldova and Romania, in order to improve the capacities of the authorities of the Republic of Moldova in efficient and correct implementation of  the Law on state aid and its provisions.

     The invited Experts, ladies Gabriela MILEA the  competition inspector, head of technical assistance and cooperation and Hermina VITE, the competition inspector, service of technical support and cooperation, Directorate for State Aid of the Competition Council in Romania, have  shared  with potential state aid providers experience in the field of the competition authorities from Romania, before and after the accession, with detailed explanations and presentation of cases.

     The contribution of colleagues from Romania is very timely and necessary, given their extensive experience in the field of State aid. The information presented has aroused great interest among the participants, which have actively participated in these discussions and debates, provoking exchange of views and ideas on the situation in the Republic of Moldova compared to the one in Romania and in the EU on State aid identification.

     Thus, during the event were discussed issues on: identifying state aid, obligation of state aid providers: notification, reporting and accounting of state aid, identification of eligible costs for state aid measures (ex. regional, environmental protection, etc.), and others.

     This training was an effective way of improving and strengthening the capacities of the representatives of the authorities from the Republic of Moldova, and the accumulation of new knowledge for the application of State aid rules by taking over the practice of the experts from the competition authority from Romania in this field.



Competition Council

October 29, 2014

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