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International workshop dedicated to state aid, leniency policy and communication held in Chisinau, between 23-25 May 2023
25.05.2023   2068 Views   
Between May 23-25, 2023, the Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova hosted a large-scale event: "Workshop dedicated to State Aid, Whistleblowing & Leniency and Communication". The event brought together specialists and experts from the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Hungary under its auspices.The Workshop agenda included a series of discussion panels and exchange of experience within the participants discussed the best European practices and shared their knowledge and experience in the field of State Aid,
Violation of the Competition Law that led to the reduction by almost 100 million MDL of the amount of taxes paid in the state budget, found by the Competition Council
30.05.2022   3039 Views   
On 25.05.2022, the Competition Council issued the decision, by which it found the violation of art. 12 of the Competition Law by the SE "Center of Applied Metrology and Certification" (successor of rights of the SE "National Institute of Standardization and Metrology"). The violation consisted in granting a privilege not provided by law to the undertakings 'JLC' JSC, "Incomlac" JSC, "Lactis" JSC and "Factory of Butter in Floresti district" JSC by by misattributing tariff positions for dairy products with foreign
The Competition Council dissociates itself from the appeared information in the public space regarding the sanctioning of the undertakings on the oil products market
26.05.2022   2984 Views   
In the context of the information appeared in the mass-media on the alleged outcome of the investigation regarding the signs of the competition legislation violation on the oil products market, the Competition Council communicates the following:Currently, the Competition Council is at the stage of preparing the administrative act. As a result, the Plenum of the Competition Council will adopt a decision on the case, which will be a public administrative act, liable to judicial control.Until the moment of examination of
Abuse by "Apa - Canal Chisinau" JSC – definitively confirmed by national courts
23.05.2022   6732 Views   
The Competition Council has definitively won the case regarding the abuse of a dominant position on behalf of "Apa - Canal Chisinau" JSC. In September 2019, the Council found that "Apa-Canal Chisinau" JSC  illegally applied arbitrarily and differentiated the coefficients when setting additional tariffs/payments for exceeding the maximum allowable concentrations in the discharged wastewater, including by not receiving additional payments from some of the undertakings active in Chisinau mun. and Ialoveni city.The Competition Council has established, by decision of 13.09.2019, that these actions
Competition Council on rising prices for vegetable oil
10.05.2022   6537 Views   
In connection with some statements published in the public environment and requests for information received from the Competition Council regarding the increase in the price of vegetable oil, the Council communicates the following:Currently, within the Competition Council, a useful investigation is underway to know the market of marketing and processing of cereal and oilseed crops. That investigation shall be continuous and relevant information on the functioning of the markets investigated shall be regularly updated.As part of this investigation, significant increases
Competition Council comes with clarifications regarding the situation on the food salt market
04.05.2022   6209 Views   
In connection with the significant fluctuations on the food salt market starting with the end of February 2022, the Competition Council has carried out the market analysis and comes with the following information:The Council noted a significant change in the market structure after the start of the military conflict in Ukraine. In the first half of March 2022, a temporary deficit of food salt was found in the Republic of Moldova on the shelves of retail trade units. The lack
We continue the series of seminars dedicated to the implementation of the State aid legislation
29.04.2022   5628 Views   
The South Territorial Office of the Competition Council, at the request of the Cahul Territorial Office of the State Chancellery, continued the training seminars with the representatives of the local public authorities of level I and II, within the information campaign on the field of support measures that may constitute state aid under law 139/2012 on state aid. The second joint event with the Cahul Office of the State Chancellery, from the series of seminars was organized with the secretaries
27.04.2022   5659 Views   
The Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova in collaboration with PRIAevents organized on April 27, 2022, the PRIA Competition Moldova conference - an event that brought together all sectors of the economy in the Republic of Moldova directly interested in the fields of IT, industry, health and pharmaceuticals, financial - banking, insurance, retail, energy, telecom, automotive, environment, legal, agriculture, construction and real estate, services and not only.Competition is a vital mechanism of the economy, the Competition Council of the
In open dialogue with representatives of the business environment
20.04.2022   5479 Views   
Today, April 20, the President of the Competition Council, Mr. Alexei GHERȚESCU participated in the event "Public Private Dialogue", organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova (CCI of the Republic of Moldova).The meeting was opened with a greeting speech of Mr. Sergiu HAREA, President of the CCI of the Republic of Moldova, who mentioned the challenges and difficulties faced by the business environment, especially as a result of the crises conditioned by the COVID-19
Seminars dedicated to the implementation of state aid legislation
19.04.2022   5283 Views   
Between 19-27 of April, at the invitation of the Cahul Territorial Office of the State Chancellery, the Competition Council will conduct training seminars for the secretaries of the local councils from the districts of Cahul (19.04.2022), Cantemir (20.04.2022) and Taraclia (27.04.2022).These seminars are held with the representatives of the local public administration authorities within the framework of an information campaign on issues related to the application of state aid legislation. In particular, are addressed various aspects related to the notification
The Competition Council definitively wins in court three cases on the same day
15.04.2022   6193 Views   
The Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) on 13.04.2022 definitively confirmed the legality and validity of three decisions of the Competition Council s Plenum, which found the Competition Law violations:On 05.05.2018, the Council s Plenum issued the decision, by which it found the violation of art. 5 of the Competition Law by "Lisnic Grup" LLC and Mixacon-Lux LLC. Respectively, it was found that these undertakings in November 2017 participated with bid riggings at the tender organized by the Information Technologies Service
The Competition Council signaled the competitive concern regarding the draft ANRE decision on the approval of the natural gas trading platform
31.03.2022   2938 Views   
The Competition Council examined the draft decision of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) on the approval of the natural gas trading platform, operated by "BRM East Energy" LLC. This platform is an electronic trading platform, through which offers for the purchase / sale of natural gas can be placed and accepted. The creation of such a platform is stipulated in the Natural Gas Networks Code, which was approved by ANRE Decision no. 4020/2019.Respectively, it was proposed, for a period
Strengthening dialogue and cooperation relations with AmCham Moldova
18.03.2022   5333 Views   
On March 18, the President of the Competition Council, Mr. Alexei GHERȚESCU, had a meeting with the members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova (AmCham Moldova).During the meeting, topics with reference to legislative and competitive policy issues, public communication and transparency, promotion of the competitive culture were approached and discussed.The event emphasizes the openness and interest of both the Competition Council and the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova (AmCham Moldova) to engage in a future continuous dialogue in order to align public and private priorities
Competition Council investigates the situation on the oil products market
11.03.2022   5585 Views   
Taking into account the evolution of the situation on the oil products market in recent times, the Competition Council comes with the following specification:Taking into account the attributions established by the Competition Law no. 183/2012, the Competition Council carries out a continuous process of monitoring the competitive environment, the attention being directed in particular to the markets that are of particular importance for the national economy and for the well-being of the final consumers.With regard to the developments in the
Promoting the competitive culture among the LPAs
21.02.2022   5065 Views   
At the request of the director of the "Apa-Canal Cahul" JSC, the South Territorial Office within the Competition Council, on February 18, this year, organized a training seminar on issues related to the state aid notification for local public authorities that are to transmit or have transmitted in economic management free of charge goods, subsidies or other support measures to the "Apa-Canal Cahul" JSC. At the same time, the Competition Council reiterated the need for the correct application of the provisions
31st March 2019 – the deadline for reporting State Aid
20.02.2020   8241 Views   
The Competition Council informs that according to the provisions of Law no. 139 of 15.06.2012 regarding state aid, the state aid providers are to report to the Competition Council all state aids granted during the year of 2018.The deadline for reporting the state aid is 31st March, 2019.For further information on state aid reporting you can call the following numbers: (022) 27-45-65; (022) 27-34-43.Competition Council February 1st, 2019  
Reporting methods of State aid presented in Cantemir
08.02.2019   7083 Views   
We continue the informative campaign on the obligation of reporting of all state aids and de minimis aid granted during the year 2018.In this regard, the representatives of the Competition Council accepted the invitation of the Cahul Territorial Office of the State Chancellery and are participating today, February 8th, 2019, at the instructive-methodological seminar organized in Cantemir, with the representatives of the local public authorities of level I and II.During the event, the representatives of the Competition Council presented the
Dear Madam President!
03.12.2018   6738 Views   
Dear Madam President,Thank you for everything you have done for us! We are deeply grateful for the support you offered us, for the granted trust, for dedication to our work and especially for the professionalism which you inspired us daily! You always knew how to step in confidence for the success that seemed inaccessible, you taught us not to be afraid to go beyond our own limits, firmly convinced that we will be successful and accomplished!We wish you great health,
Dear Mr. Emil GUŢU and Mr. Veaceslav GUŢUŢUI!
03.12.2018   6935 Views   
Dear Mr. Emil GUŢU and Mr. Veaceslav GUŢUŢUI,The Competition Council team is sincerely grateful for the beautiful collaboration we have had in all these five years. Your input into the activity of the authority, but also in promoting the competitive culture was a considerable one. In this regard, we address our deepest appreciation and respect for the attitude and professionalism you have shown in your day-to-day work.We wish you a lot of inspiration, energy, health and great successes. Maximal achievements
Regional event hosted in Chisinau - International Conference "Investigation procedures and techniques in anti-trust cases"
15.11.2018   6249 Views   
For the first time, the Competition Council gathered representatives from 7 states in a large-scale regional event called "Investigation procedures and techniques in anti-trust cases". The event takes place between November 13th - 15th, 2018, in Chisinau, and is organized by the Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States of America.At the conference, are participating representatives from the competition authorities of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic
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